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Walk through H frame

Walk through frame/H frame A part of frame scaffolding system Advantages  : 1. Easily assembled 2. Fast erection and dismantling 3. High-strength steel tubing 4. Safe, efficient and dependable  
 Size B*A(48”*67”)1219*1930MM B*A(48”*76”)1219*1700 MM B*A(4’*5’)1219*1524 MM B*A(3’*5’7”)914*1700 MM
Φ42*2.4 16.21KG 14.58KG 13.20KG 12.84KG
Φ42*2.2 15.28KG 13.73KG 12.43KG 12.04KG
Φ42*2.0 14.33KG 12.88KG 11.64KG 11.24KG
Φ42*1.8 13.38KG 13.38KG 10.84KG 10.43KG