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Frame Ladders Scaffoldings Construction Scaffold heavy-duty Galvanized Ladder H Frame Scaffolding

Frame scaffolding system The material is generally used Q235 steel,the surface treatment is hot dip galvanized or powder coated.

Advantages  :

1. Easily assembled 2. Fast erection and dismantling 3. High-strength steel tubing 4. Safe, efficient and dependable A frame usually have outer tube and inner tube.The specification is generally : Outer tube:diameter 42 mm,wall thickness 2 mm; Inner tube: diameter 25 mm,wall thickness 1.5 mm The specification also can be customized by customer.
Scaffolding Frame 2 pcs Frame , size 1.2 x 1.7 m or as your request
Cross Brace 2sets of Cross Brace
Joint Pin Joint the two sets scaffolding frame together
Jack Base Put to the most bottom and top stair of scaffolds foot
4 pcs for 1 scaffold
Normal sizes on project 1.Walk through frame/H frame  
 Size B*A(48”*67”)1219*1930MM B*A(48”*76”)1219*1700 MM B*A(4’*5’)1219*1524 MM B*A(3’*5’7”)914*1700 MM
Φ42*2.4 16.21KG 14.58KG 13.20KG 12.84KG
Φ42*2.2 15.28KG 13.73KG 12.43KG 12.04KG
Φ42*2.0 14.33KG 12.88KG 11.64KG 11.24KG
Φ42*1.8 13.38KG 13.38KG 10.84KG 10.43KG
2.Mason frame     
 Size A*B1219*1930MM A*B1219*1700 MM A*B1219*1524 MM A*B1219*914 MM
Φ42*2.2 14.65KG 14.65KG 11.72KG 8.00KG
Φ42*2.0 13.57KG 13.57KG 10.82KG 7.44KG
3.Cross brace   The specification is diameter 22 mm,the wall thickness is 0.8mm/1mm,or customized by customer.    
                              AB 1219MM 914 MM 610 MM
1829MM 3.3KG 3.06KG 2.89KG
1524MM 2.92KG 2.67KG 2.47KG
1219MM 2.59KG 2.3KG 2.06KG
4.Ladder frame               5.Joint pin  Connect Scaffold Frames with the Scaffold Coupling Pin                   6.Jack base Adjustable screw jack base can be used in engineering construction, bridge construction, and used with all kinds of scaffold, play the role of top and bottom support.    The surface treatment :hot dip galvanized or electro galvanized .                                                                                                                                                                                  Head base is usually U type,the base plate is usually square or customized by customer. The specification of jack base is:
Type Diameter/mm Height/mm U based plate Base plate
solid 32 300 120*100*45*4.0 120*120*4.0
solid 32 400 150*120*50*4.5 140*140*4.5
solid 32 500 150*150*50*6.0 150*150*4.5
hollow 38*4 600 120*120*30*3.0 150*150*5.0
hollow 40*3.5 700 150*150*50*6.0 150*200*5.5
hollow 48*5.0 810 150*150*50*6.0 200*200*6.0
7.Fittings               Forged jack nut                                                   Ductile iron Jack nut Diameter:35/38MM                                          Diameter:35/38MM WT:0.8kg                                                              WT:0.8kg Surface: Zinc electroplated                               Surface: Zinc electroplated

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