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Welcome to Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co.,Ltd. If you need anything,feel free to contact us.

It is a preview of steel pipe products, stock, workshop, office, certificates and labs.

It is a preview of Scaffolding products, stock, workshop, office, certificates and labs.

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Youfa is a first-class innovation and development enterprise

Youfa takes the lead in the industry in equipping fully automated production equipment, realizing fine production control of the whole process. The processes of the products are equipped with specialized equipment, realizing automatic integration of the whole process. The products have the advantages of stable material, high welding precision, beautiful galvanized appearance, strong interchangeability of components, stable and reliable quality, etc. Youfa has built a first-class quality control team, and also has an excellent after-sales service team. With the design standard of building “AAA green factory”, Youfa is building according to the high standards of intelligent manufacturing, low-carbon environment protection and leading enterprise, and the emission has reached “nearly zero” standard to build an ecological enterprise.

Tianjin YOUFA Steel pipe is the first enterprise owning state-level laboratories. With high quality professional research, professional production and professional inspection, YOUFA’s quality management strictly carries out ISO9001:2000 international quality management system standard, and all belonging enterprises owned ISO certification.

Youfa adheres to the development path of the pipe industry as the main management industry and remains unswerving, and through continuous learning and innovation, on the basis of maintaining the industry’s leading advantage in China, Youfa has gradually developed into an enterprise with international influence.

Youfa is a leading enterprise in the steel pipe industry

Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group Co.,Ltd was founded on July 1, 2000.At present, the company has six production bases in Tianjin, Tangshan, Handan, Shaanxi Hancheng, Jiangsu Liyang and Liaoning Huludao.
As a 10 million ton steel pipe manufacturer in China, YOUFA mainly produces ERW steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, Square/Rectangular steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, galvanized square rectangular steel pipe, stainless pipes, pipe fittings, ringlock scaffolding and other kinds of steel products.
There are 293 production lines in manufacturing enterprises, 6 nationally recognized laboratories, and 2 enterprise technology centers recognized by Tianjin government.
Youfa won the honor of single champion demonstration enterprise in manufacturing industry.
listed in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Top 500 Chinese Manufacturers for 16 consecutive years.
On December 4, 2020, YOUFA Group successfully landed on the Shanghai Exchange Stock.

YOUFA Group recognized as national green factory, lead the industry to green manufacturing

In October 2018, YOUFA Group the first branch was recognized as a national green factory, leading the industry to green manufacturing.

Youfa strives to improve the level of steel pipe industry and continuously help national outstanding construction projects

In 2018, Youfa participated in the upgrading of National Highway 109, thus witnessing the continuation of the legendary story on the plateau. Youfa’s figure can always be seen in this legendary journey. With the comprehensive advantages of production and quality, Youfa has provided strong support to help the upgrading of Nala Expressway. China Road China Dream, Youfa Faith Youfa Soul. Youfa strives to improve the level of steel pipe industry and continuously help national outstanding construction projects. Hold up the spirit of the backbone of the great country, firm the belief of circulation in the world!

The spirit of the backbone of a great nation, the achievement of the world’s hub!

In the new era of China’s transportation business transformation, Youfa stands at the forefront of the industry and runs parallel to it, relying on the developed transportation network of the motherland and laying out industrial bases to radiate the business map of the whole country. With six core industrial bases as the hubs, Youfa has made steel pipes practical for various national key transportation projects. A hub,to lay out a high-quality strategy to sell products to the world; A vision,to expand with the leap of China’s transportation. Youfa, as the hub of steel pipe industry, will continue to build a sales network mainly in Tianjin, covering the whole country and the world. With the development of the motherland’s transportation business, we will keep pace with the times. Worthy of the backbone of the big country, the achievements of the hub of the world!

Youfa dare to keep the role of the backbone of a great nation and be an example of the spirit of the times!

In early 2020, COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, Hubei Province and swept the whole country. Youfa received an urgent task without afraid of difficulties. Youfa’s enterprises delivered high-quality steel pipes one after another for the construction of Vulcan Mountain Thunder Mountain Hospitals, contributing to the thundering Youfa speed and forging an impregnable and solid backing for Wuhan’s anti-epidemic war. When the country is in trouble, we are obliged to do our part. To the country, we will stand up for it; to our partners, we will stand together through thick and thin. Youfa Group guarantees all customers who buy Youfa products in Hubei Province to ensure their profitability of the products. Youfa has always adhered to the role of the backbone of a great nation and the responsibility of protecting the stability of one side. Youfa will certainly remember the year 2020, the majestic power of our people’s will and the national glory of all our people. Dare to keep the role of the backbone of a great nation and be an example of the spirit of the times!

Youfa Steel Pipes put into the construction of Winter Olympic venues is the witness of Youfa’s take-off and the responsibility given by the times.

In 2005, Youfa took over the responsibility to provide high-quality Youfa steel pipes for the construction of the Bird’s Nest.
In 2022, the Bird’s Nest held the Winter Olympics again. At this time, Youfa has already led the industry. Youfa steel pipes can be found in the Shougang Ski Jump, Ice Town, Genting Ski Resort and other venues of the competition. From 2008 to 2022, Youfa developed dramatically. The exploration and perseverance, make the national enterprise that has been cultivated for twenty years change radically; the original intention and certainty, make the goal of “becoming the first lion in the global pipe industry” clearer. This is the witness of Youfa’s take-off and the responsibility given to Youfa by the times. The mission of the unyielding backbone of a great nation and the renewal of the legend of the take-off of the times.

Youfa Garden style Factory with High Intelligent Production Line

On December 29, 2021, the Tianjin Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Evaluation Committee issued an announcement to determine the YOUFA Steel Pipe Creative Park as a national AAA-level scenic spot. The YOUFA factory area has been built into an ecological and garden-like factory, forming an industrial tourism demonstration base integrating green production, industrial sightseeing, steel pipe cultural experience, popular science education, and industrial research practice, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

YOUFA brand steel pipe widely used in national key projects at home and abroad

What is YOUFA like? Who is Youfa?

How is Youfa brand Steel Pipe?

Youfa takes the responsibility of great corporate love and bringing public welfare to a more vast and distant place

In 2013, Youfa donated the first Hope Primary School in Luoyun Township, Fuling District, Chongqing, just like a beam of light that illuminates the way for children to get out of the mountains and open a new life. This is Youfa’s dream of public welfare, and also the Chinese dream in the long history. The completion of each Hope Primary School carries a brand new hope and a will. Youfa takes the responsibility of great corporate love and brings hope to more poor mountainous areas. Bringing public welfare to a more vast and distant place. Gathering the power of the backbone of a great nation, achieving the hope of a colorful future!

Youfa’s perseverance in product quality, believes that the product is the character

Youfa’s commitment to quality and dedication to national standards is reflected in its responsibility to take the lead in setting industry standards and continuously regulating industry production. Youfa’s perseverance in product quality, believes that the product is the character, and its commitment to control each production process well is its responsibilities. Youfa’s persistence in high-quality development is to promote the coordinated development of ecology and economy and explore the power of science and technology to empower the industry. Youfa’s pursuit of high standard is all due to the commitment of doing fine and solid work on quality. When perseverance wins trust, when rigor becomes habit, this is Youfa’s unchanging original intention. Showing the authority of the backbone of a great nation and Sticking to the pursuit of the excellence model !