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Float Control Valve

Material of main parts:
Parts No. Name Material
A Main Ball Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
B Ball Brass
C Exhaust Valve Brass
D Ball Brass
G Filter Brass
H Reducing Orifice Stainless Steel
I Throttle Valve Brass, Stainless Steel
E1 Ball Brass
S Priority Valve Brass
Vertical installation spring assembly (optional) Stainless Steel
Size Dn50-300  ( over Dn300, please contact us. )

Pressure setting range: 0.35-5.6 bar ;  1.75-12.25 bar ;  2.10-21 bar

Working principle When the water level is low in the tank, the float pilot valve is completely open, the valve is open to fill the tank           When the float is half way, the pilot valve is half closed, the pressure above the membrane pushed the valve to the close position. The valve will be completely closed when the float pilot valve will be in the upper position.         Controlling water level through the float ball device, to prevent the overflow. When the water level is close to the set value, the automatic adjustment of the water inlet valve flow   Application examples 1. Isolation valve of the by-pass 2a-2b. Isolation valves of the main water pipe 3. Rubber expansion joints 4. Strainer 5. Check valve A. SCT701 Control valve Matters needing attention 1. Strainer should be installed in the upstream of the control valve to ensure good water quality. 2. The exhaust valve should be installed in the downstream of the control valve to exhaust the mixed gas in pipeline. 3. When the control valve is mounted horizontally, the maximum inclination angle of the control valve can not be exceed 45°. 4. When the control valve is mounted vertically, please purchase corresponding spring accessory the accessories.   Option SCT701 Electrical float valve with total opening and closing check valves.

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