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DN15 – DN500 Static Balancing Valve

Application: Static Balancing Valve is designed for flow balancing in cooling, heating or process water systems. Its shutoff feature can be instead the Globe valve. It also has the function of locking of maximum range. The function of locking will be opened after its system debugged. If the products need to be repaired, you can close the Static Balancing Valve, and then directly return to the maximum range. It can avoid the second text, save many time and cost. Its measuring joint enable convenient system troubleshooting. Static balancing valve be used in water supply or return water pipe. Features: Accurate flow control Numerical indicator of opening rate on the handwheel Opening of the lock set position Shut-off function achieved by handwheel Self-sealing measuring points to protect against leakage   DN15 - DN50 Static Balancing Valve Technical specification:
Diameter: DN15-DN50
Working Temperature -10-120℃ Working Pressure: PN25 Fluid Medium: Cold and Hot Water/Ethylene Connection: Threaded Connection Connection Standard: EN 10226 GB/T 7306.1-2000
1. Body: Brass 2. Valve Core: Brass 3. Base Sealling: PTFE 4. Bonnet: Brass 5. Stem: Brass 6. Core Rod: DZR Brass CW602N 7. Hand Wheel: EPDM 8. Seallinig: Plastic ABS 9. Measuring Points: Brass
DN40 - DN500 Static Balancing Valve
Technical specification:
Diameter: DN40-DN500
Working Temperature -10-120℃
Working Pressure: PN16 Fluid Medium: Cold and Hot Water/Ethylene
Connection: Flange Connection
Connection Standard: EN 1092-1 /2 GB/T 17241.6-2008



1. Body: Ductile iron 2. Valve Core: Ductile iron/stainless Steel/ Brass 3. Screw: stainless Steel 4. Sealling: PTFE / EPDM 5. Stem: Brass / stainless steel 6. Core Rod: Brass/ stainless steel 7. Bonnet: Ductile Iron 8. Lock Screw: Stainless Steel 9. Handwheel: Nylon DN40 - DN250 Die-Cast Aluminum DN300 - DN500 10. Measuring Points: Brass   Factory Address in Tianjin city, China. widely used in domestic and foreign nuclear power, oil & gas, chemical, steel, power plant, natural gas, water treatment and other fields.   Perfect quality assurance system and a full set of quality inspection measurements: physical inspection lab and direct reading spectrometer, mechanical properties test, impact test, digital radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, osmotic testing, low temperature test, 3D detection, low leakage test, life test, etc., by the ways of implementation of quality control plan, ensure that the products meet customers` requirements. 

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